Picking A BMW - Writer's Blog

The other day while round at a friend’s house he asked me an interesting question: which BMW would you choose if offered your pick of them, and which models represent the best value?

Now my friend is currently coming towards the end of his BMW 1 Series leasing deal, which started about 26 months ago, and before that he was driving a contract hire BMW X1 so it’s safe to say he knows his stuff when it comes to BMWs.

The first car which came to mind for me was the 4 Series, as I was considering a contract hire BMW 4 Series coupe earlier this year, but ended up going for a Mercedes A-Class instead. What I like most about the 4 Series, in terms of its aesthetics, is the size of it. That may sound a little unorthodox but I think it’s the perfect size for a coupe. It leaves you with enough space inside, it keeps weight down which enhances performance and speed, and it doesn’t look to large and executive – there’s more of a sporty feel to it.

Although I think I’d have always opted for the coupe, if I’d chose the 4 Series over the A-Class, I can’t say I wasn’t tempted by some of the BMW 4 Series convertible leasing deals that I saw. There were some really decent prices on offer but I just couldn’t commit to a convertible, not while living in the UK! A dream car for the summer but I’m pretty sure I’d have regretted it by September.

Another car I really like, and another one of BMW’s most recent releases, is the 2 Series. Again I think I’m drawn to its compact size and the sporty yet classy feel it brings to the table. For me there’s not much to choose between it and the 4 Series, but again I think I just about favour the latter.

So that’s the coupe / saloon style cars covered, now onto one of my other favourite Beamers, the X5. I wouldn’t call myself a crossover man, that is to say I usually always go for small saloons and coupes, but I don’t think anybody can deny the brilliance of being up high in a big 4 wheel drive. Like its smaller brothers the X3 and X1, the X5 comes with loads of equipment and a huge amount of space. Because of this extra space it’s my favourite of the three and comes a close second behind the 4 Series overall. You’ll need a fair amount of cash to own and run one however, even BMW X5 leasing deals can be pretty expensive.