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How large is your vehicle?

This is a question which you have probably never asked yourself, but every time you buy a new car you are actually answering it subconsciously. The reason for me writing about this is that a friend asked me last week about why I always buy small cars – this is a friend who owns a Chrysler Grand Voyager (if you’re not familiar with the Grand Voyager, it is absolutely huge!).

Until he said this I really wouldn’t have considered myself to be someone who prefers small cars – I currently own a used Kia Venga which obviously is a small MPV, but when I bought it I certainly wasn’t thinking to myself at the time “I like this car because it’s small”. However, when I thought about it my last two cars before the Venga have been a Ford Fiesta and a Vauxhall Corsa so there was clearly some sort of pattern there – I have never really owned or even driven what I would class as a large vehicle.

I think the reason for this must be that I am not someone who likes to spend a lot of money on a car, and most large cars are expensive. Smaller cars are usually much more affordable and cheaper to run. I came back with this answer to my friend but he pointed out that I had been making a lot more money than I used to over the last 2 years and that I should really start thinking about the benefits of a larger car. By this he wasn’t talking about one just for practicality, such as a used Citroen C4 Picasso which a parent with 4 or 5 kids might buy – he meant something more luxurious such as his Chrysler.

I started looking online and thinking about how I could benefit from a larger car. Larger cars are, so I’m told, much more comfortable and boast better visibility because of their higher seating position. They also generally come better equipped and have more premium interiors, but then you would probably expect that considering the difference in price between small and large cars. I think a BMW X6 would be my choice if I went for a larger car. I really like the appearance of it and I imagine it gives you a feeling that you own the road when you’re driving it.

However, I just don’t think I could justify the extra expenditure. I certainly wouldn’t buy one outright, and the BMW X6 leasing deals I looked at were way above the prices I was expecting. I suppose with the low amount of miles I cover I’ll always be someone that chooses a car with price and running costs at the forefront of my mind.